Weird dreams.

The last week has been a blur for me. There’s been lots of sleeping and puking and dreaming and general malaise. I could barely keep my eyes open yesterday. Oh, did I mention that all my hair fell out at the same time? Yeah. It did. Awesome.

According to my blood tests, I’m doing remarkably well. It is encouraging to hear and I am grateful that I have not had any unexpected complications. But, truth be told, I still feel like crap on a stick. This will change (hopefully) as my counts get better and my body gets stronger.

Along with the discomfort, came a lot of pain and the only way to combat the pain is with pain-killers. I do not like pain-killers. They make me feel weird and out-of-it and like a completely different person. But, in this case, they are necessary. At first, they put me on morphine, but it definitely did not agree with me. I was terribly nauseated and I was constantly falling asleep mid-sentence. I was then switched over to another opiate called Fentanyl. It did the job. I was more aware and less in pain.

I’m happy to share that as of this morning, I’m off painkillers altogether! Hopefully, my brain will get back to its usual self in the coming days.

Yesterday, my first chimerism test was taken. This is a special blood test that will show how my DNA and that of my donors are meshing. I won’t know the results until next week, but I’m still excited that it is in the works.

It’s been a really tough time and although I know it will pass and things will change, because that is the nature of the universe, I still get caught up in the difficulty of it all. I am so thankful for the love pouring in from all over the world. All your videos, emails and packages have done wonders for me at this difficult time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

love and light from Rambam Hospital




The best medicine for my newly shorn head. Thanks to you, Morani, I can have Pippi Longstocking hair whenever it pleases me.


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